Choosing a Headshot Photographer

Choosing a Headshot Photographer

Choosing a headshot photographer can be a daunting task for more than one reason.

Start with a fast-paced lifestyle, mix-in the need for an updated professional image, and add a dash of annoyance for not really knowing how to go about finding the best local talent in minimal time.

It is worth stating that your image is of monumental importance in the professional context, and in the spirit of helping you chose the best talent efficiently the following are things you should consider.

*LinkedIn Profinder can be a good way of having local talent provide you with a proposal and link to their work.

1.    Love how you look.

In general, corporate, entrepreneur, creative, or a family are clients that would seek a professional portrait photographer. A professional should have a portfolio that matches the type of service and style you are seeking. Analyze your skin tone, features, and figure out your best angles with a quick series of selfies, so that you can feel confident about how you want to pose and be able to relate that to the photographer.

2. Find a Style you Like.

A photographer’s portfolio should have a consistent style throughout the different subject matter that they shoot. Think of Disney’s signature style, or Apple’s minimalist designs, or even Chuck Close’s offbeat portraits.

3. Pricing.

A professional will most likely have formal art training, will come equipped with the right portrait lenses, lighting equipment, and a hair and makeup artist if needed. Set your price range based on what type of quality and services you are looking for.  Is this portrait a quick-fix from the current selfie portrait? Do you want to invest in a series of professional studio portraits that may be used across your online and print media for the next years to come?

4. Important Questions to Ask.

In order to potentially avoid conflict or confusion, here are some questions to consider asking your photographer before entering into a contract:

  • How many shots do I get for this price?
  • Would there be any prints?
  • Can you shoot in natural and studio light?
  • What colored type of clothing should I wear?
  • Does the price include retouching the skin?
  • Does the photographer have experience shooting with people of your particular skin tone?
  • If you are not happy with the results, will they reshoot?

Corporate Headshot

 The Editorial Headshot

The Natural Light Headshot

Model Headshot

The Rockstar Headshot

The Performer’s Headshot

The Engagement Portrait

The Pregnancy Portrait

The Baby Portrait

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